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Paulette Samayoa, Miss Guatemala 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Guatemala 2013

COUNTRY: Guatemala

Name: Paulette Samayoa

Age: 23

HT: 5’7”

Language: English, Spanish, German

Bio:  Paulette Samayoa is currently a Business Administration student at the Galileo University in Guatemala. She spent a portion of her childhood in Germany, where she learned the language and frequently traveled. She enjoys tennis, soccer, mountain biking and dancing.

Quote: “I dedicate my energy and interest to the projects I undertake. With great joy I live on to represent my country and interact with different international organizations.”

Fun Facts:

1. Paulette and her brother were born on the same day, but 11 years apart.

2. Following her grandmother’s hip injury, Paulette helped rehabilitate her back to health by taking her to therapy and giving her support.

3. Paulette’s sister was wounded with a bullet on the school bus, prompting Paulette to be strong and run her household while she sought medical care in the United States.