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Doris Hofmann, Miss Austria 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know the candidate for the country Austria, Doris Hofmann

COUNTRY: Austria

Name: Doris Hofmann

Age: 23

HT: 5’8”

Language: German and English

Bio: Doris Hofmann was raised in Steyr, Austria. Her hobbies and interests include playing the piano, fitness, meeting friends, watching movies, cooking and horseback riding. Doris is most happy when she is surrounded by friends and family, and strives to remain true to herself at all times.

Quote: “If everybody does their part to change the world little by little, we can make a huge difference.”  


1. Doris’ favorite native dish is wiener schnitzel.

2. Doris played the piano for eight years.

3. Doris once worked on a BMW assembly line.

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