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Noémie Happart, Miss Belgium 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know the candidate for the country Belgium, Noémie Happart

COUNTRY: Belgium

Name: Noémie Happart

Age: 20


Language: Dutch, English, French

Bio: Originally from the town of LiAge, Noémie Happart is currently studying medicine and psychology at the University of Liège. Her hobbies and interests include fitness, philanthropy and dance (jazz, hip-hop and salsa). She has been dancing since she was five years old. Noémie has volunteer experience with the Red Cross, Televie and Hope for Children, and she aspires to become a television host or an actress.   

Quote: “I am someone who always tries to look on the bright-side and make others smile.”


1. Noémie serves as a host on the Belgian television show, “Au Coeur d’Hollywood.”

2. Noémie is a former cheerleader for the Liège first division basketball team.

3. Noémie helped raised money to build a school in Cambodia, which now serves nearly 200 students.

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