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Peanut Butter with a Latin American Twist: Delicious New Ways to Try It

Peanut butter originated in Latin America, but few Latinos eat it today. Read on for creative ways to try this delicious and nutritious spread.

North Americans are peanut butter superfans: the creamy spread is consumed in most households in the US. There’s fierce competition between brands, and even holidays to commemorate the national obsession.

In comparison, Latinos don’t eat much peanut butter. Interesting, considering that peanut butter has its origin in Latin America. Peanuts are native to the Bolivian Andes, and the tradition of grinding them into a smooth paste dates back to the Aztecs.

Did we mention peanut butter is a great source of protein and fiber, and that it’s packed with Vitamin E and magnesium? It is. So how can you incorporate more peanut butter into your diet? Here are a few creative ideas: 
Add it to your breakfast bowl
Peanut butter adds a creamy texture to a fruit and granola bowl.

Spread it over toast
Spread it alone over toasted bread, or get creative with combinations like coco rallado or jam.

Drizzle it over pancakes
Depending on the thickness of the peanut butter you’re using, you could mix it with a splash of leche and warm it over a low flame to get to the desired consistency. Chocolate chips don’t hurt, either.

Mix it with your favorite sweet spread
Dulce de leche and peanut butter are a match made in heaven. Don’t believe us? Try it: just make sure you go for a sugar-free peanut butter, since dulce de leche is already very sweet.

Use it as a cookie filling
The Argentine alfajor, a popular sandwich cookie, usually has a dulce de leche filling. Try it with peanut butter instead.


Roll it into bite-sized snacks
These bolitas are inspiring. Try not to eat the whole batch at once.

 These look pretty great too. 

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