Education: Hopes and barriers

Education: Hopes and barriers

An Ipsos/Telemundo poll revealed the expectations and obstacles of hispanic parents in U.S.A. about their children\'s education:

1.Which of the following best describes the highest education level you expect your children or children in your family living in the United States to achieve?

*Attend High school but not graduate     1%
*Graduate from High School     6%
*Degree from a 2 year college     10%
*Degree from a 4 year college    33%
*Post-graduate degree (e.g. Masters, MBA, etc.)     17%
*Doctorate or PhD degree     31%
*Don’t Know/ Not Sure     2%

2.How much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?  

*Children of Hispanic immigrants receive a better education in the United States than they would in their parents’ country of origin.            agree:79%    disagree:15%

*Being able to provide their children with a good education is one of the main reasons why Hispanics emigrate to the United States.     agree:78%    disagree:19%

*A good education is necessary for Hispanic immigrants in the United States to improve their standard of living     
agree:89%    disagree:8%

*Children of Hispanic immigrants have more opportunities to go to college in the United States than they would in the country of origin of their parents    agree:78%     disagree:16%

3.In the United States, young Hispanics are less likely to go to college than are young adults from other ethnicities.  Out of the following, what would you say are the top three reasons why there aren’t more young Hispanics who go to college?

*Costs of going to college are too high    44%
*Need to work full time to provide for themselves or their families    36%
*Lack of access to financial aid or student loans    32%
*Immigration Status    31%
*Lack of support from peers/family    27%
*Lack of knowledge about how to go about it    25%
*Lack of motivation    19%
*Insufficient English proficiency    13%
*Lack of basic education needed to qualify    12%
*Other reason    2%
*(DK/NS)    1%