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Telemundo exclusive poll: Most Latinos will vote to drive Trump out of the White House

One year before the election, Hispanics say they want a Democratic president, though they don’t have a clear favorite, according to an exclusive Noticias Telemundo poll.

Exactly one year to Election Day, most registered Hispanic voters say they will not support a second term for Donald Trump at the White House, though there isn't one Democratic candidate who attracts the majority of Hispanic support, according to a Noticias Telemundo survey conducted by the polling firm Mason-Dixon.

If the November 3rd, 2020, elections were held today, 64 percent of Hispanic voters would choose to replace Trump with a Democratic president, compared with 25 percent who said they would support him.

This rejection is greater among women (66 percent), those under 50 years old (69 percent), and those who live in the Pacific Coast (70 percent).

The majority also supports Trump’s removal from the White House even before the election, through the impeachment process started by Democrats in the House of Representatives for alleged political corruption.

Fifty-seven percent of surveyed Latinos support impeachment, while 34 percent oppose it.

Which candidate should represent the Democratic Party at the 2020 election?

One in three Democrat voters (36 percent) are not sure. The rest leans toward Joe Biden (26 percent), ahead of Bernie Sanders (18 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (10 percent).

These percentages are similar to those of the electorate as a whole: according to an NBC News survey released on Sunday, Biden has 27 percent of support, Warren 23 percent, and Sanders 19 percent.

The rest of the candidates barely have any support among Democrat Hispanics: Kamala Harris, 3 percent; Julián Castro, 2 percent; Pete Buttigieg, 2 percent; and Corey Booker, 1 percent. Beto O'Rourke had, at the time of the survey, 2 percent, but last Friday he announced his exit from the race.

Hispanic voters were also asked who was the candidate most likely to defeat Trump. The favorite was also Biden (28 percent), followed by Sanders (12 percent) and Warren (5 percent).

The issues that most concern Hispanic voters are healthcare (29 percent), the economy and employment (24 percent), immigration (14 percent) and climate change (10 percent). Those who prefer Biden are more concerned with the economy and employment; and those who support Sanders or Warren, with healthcare.

In response to the survey, Biden said that the separation of families at the border and the detention of immigrant children have represented an assault against the Latino community.

“Latinos know firsthand the threat that Donald Trump poses to the future of this country because they feel it every single day. They know what I believe -- that 4 more years of Trump will fundamentally alter the fabric of this nation. That is why it is priority number one to beat him next November,” he said in a statement for Noticias Telemundo. 

The one thing most Hispanic voters (62 percent) seem to agree on, in addition to their rejection of Trump, is that they would not vote for a candidate who defines themselves as socialist. Sanders defines himself as a democratic socialist, the system that prevails in Sweden and Norway, for example, and that has nothing to do with Cuba or Venezuela.

The Hispanic population is the largest minority in the US and is 13 percent of the electorate. Up to 32 million Hispanics will be able to vote next year, surpassing 30 million African Americans, according to Pew Research Center estimates.

Although Latino participation in elections has been low historically, the number of Latino voters in 2018 was twice those registered in 2014, in part due to campaigns focusing on younger voters, according to another Pew analysis.

The survey was conducted from October 24th to 28th, 2019, on a total of 1,000 registered Latino voters interviewed by telephone, both landlines and cellphones, across the country. The margin of error does not exceed ± 3.2 percentage points. The results of the poll can be found HERE.