Meet Karla, the "Beauty Queen Quinceañera"

This quinceañera from El Salvador is shooting for the crown! Meet Karla Triz Hernández, one of Telemundo's quinceañeras.

This quinceañera from El Salvador is shooting for the crown! Karla Triz Hernández is one of Telemundo's featured quinceañera's on the MVTO's new docu-series, "Quinceañera." 

The show, airing August 15th on MVTO'S Facebook Page, will revolve around seven quinceañeras and their preparation for their special day. 

Karla Triz Hernández is a former beauty queen who is dedicated, focused, smart, and disciplined. She has been modeling since she was eight years old and doesn’t plan on stopping!

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Karla lives in Los Angeles with both of her parents after they decided to move from El Salvador for a better life. Her parents are her biggest support system, and with the party coming up, they’re needed now more than ever!

Photo: Courtesy of Carlos Hernandez

With Karla being the first ever quinceañera in the family, ideas for the party have been bouncing back and forth. Initially, they planned for the party to be extravagant, but have decided to stay elegant toward traditions like the changing of the shoe and the coronation. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Carlos Hernandez

Karla's dress is sure to drop jaws since it is coming straight from a famous designer, who will be attending the party. More guests included in the 250 list are famous radio show hosts and photographers coming from El Salvador for her special day.

The theme for Karla's party will revolve around a white rose she found in her garden one morning, inspiring her to have a beautiful, classy feel to her quinceañera.  

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With different dances planned, like the Colombian cumbia and French songs, Karla wants this party to have a touch of fashion but also of who she really is.

Check out what other surprises are in store and watch "Quinceañera," Wednesdays starting August 15th on MVTO's Facebook Page! Don't miss any additional content and follow MVTO's Instagram!

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