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Paulina Krupińska, Miss Poland 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Poland 2013


Name: Paulina Krupińska

Age: 26

HT: 5’10’’

Language: English, German, Russian

Bio: Paulina Krupińska grew up in a small town near Warsaw, Poland. She is a trained mountain biker who rides 50km each day! Her dream job is to be on a television show where she freestyle bikes around the world. In addition to biking, Paulina also enjoys dancing, skiing, paragliding and playing Djembe drums!

Quote: “I am an optimistic and ambitious person who loves helping people.”

Fun Facts:

1. Paulina has been offered to run a TV program where she examines different types of sports. Her most recent examinees include: boxing and fencing.

2. Due to a biking accident in Poland, Paulina now sees double!

3. Paulina once fell from a catwalk modeling and now has a “hole” in her leg.