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Nina Đurđević, Miss Slovenia 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Nina Đurđević, Miss Slovenia 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Hometown: Maribor

Height: 5\' 11"

Age: 22

Nina Đurđević studies medicine at the University of Maribor in Slovenia and aspires to become a microsurgeon. With a passion for music and dance, she played the violin for the Symphonic Orchestra of Austria for two years and has been practicing hip-hop dance and the electric boogie for almost a decade. Since she was a young girl, Nina has always been fascinated with New York City and is determined to visit one day.

In her own words: "The people that have influenced me the most are my parents and friends because they support me in everything I do"

Fun Facts:

1. When she was ten years old, Nina gave herself a haircut and considered it the most “unique” hairstyle in Slovenia until her hair eventually grew back.

2. Nina’s favorite beauty tip is rubbing pure olive oil on her skin to keep it soft and moist.