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Guadalupe Gonzalez, Miss Paraguay 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Paraguay 2013

COUNTRY: Paraguay

Name: Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera

Age: 21

HT: 5’8’’

Language: Spanish

Bio: Guadalupe Talavera was raised in a quiet neighborhood of Asucion. She enjoys playing tennis, painting and playing the guitar. Guadalupe is currently a psychology student at the Autonomus University of Asuncion where she hopes to one day own a real estate business. Guadalupe currently works in car sales and as a promotional model!

Quote: “Life is not easy. One must sacrifice and stay determined to reach one’s goals. ”

Fun Facts:

1. Guadalupe once saved her brother’s life when he was drowning in the ocean during a family vacation in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Guadalupe can do a variety of extreme sports such as skateboarding and wakeboarding!

3. Guadalupe grew up on her grandmother’s farm where she rode horses as a child.