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Dominique Rinerknecht, Miss Switzerland 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Switzerland 2013

COUNTRY: Switzerland

Name: Dominique Rinerknecht

Age: 24

HT: 5’9’’

Language: German

Bio: Dominique Rinerknecht grew up in a village near Zurich, Switzerland. One of Dominique’s proudest accomplishments is earning her bachelor’s degree in communications. She is a skilled pianist, who has played for 13 years! In addition to playing a musical instrument, Dominique is also trained in Hip-Hop, Street and Jazz dance. One of Dominique’s favorite hobbies is sailing.

Quote: “I have learned that you cannot change situations, but you can manage them in different ways.”  

Fun Facts:

1. Dominique once saved a child’s life who was drowning in a pool.  

2. Dominique can wave with her shoulder blades.

3. Dominique used to collect lip balms and says they’re still her addiction!