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Amanda Ratnayake, Miss Sri Lanka 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Sri Lanka 2013

COUNTRY: Sri Lanka

Name: Amanda Ratnayake

Age: 23

HT: 5’6’’

Language: English

Bio: Amanda Ratnayake was raised in Sri Lanka as a child, but currently attends Oregon State University where she studies economics. Some of Amanda’s hobbies include: reading, writing, drawing, hiking and go-cart racing. She currently owns a tour company (Marvida Travel Lanka), acting as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Quote: “My motto is that life is a learning experience created by your soul.”

Fun Facts:

1. Amanda interned for her professor in college and worked as an economic researcher.

2. Amanda’s hidden talent is writing poetry.

3. Amanda has stood at the world’s end in Sri Lanka, which remains the steepest fall in the country.