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Rivera Recap: "The Riveras" Episode Seven

This week featured heartbreak everywhere.

The long weekend featured a jam-packed episode of The Riveras. It picked up on what was discussed last week regarding the siblings' father. It was revealed that their father was charged for sexually abusing his children. As those tensions grew, other revelations were made about the Riveras' own relationships. Grab your popcorns, we're diving into this week's episode!

He was on the run. 

One of the first big moments of the episode was when Jacqie discussed and gave detail as to why her Dad is in jail. As mentioned before, he sexually abused Chiquis, Jacqie, and their aunt Rosie. Jaqie ends up visitng her aunt and asking for her blessing to go see him because he's been persistently trying to contact her the past few years. She also revelas that he was on the run for years and he's served for ten years. It's a moment that pulls you indifferent directions, in different emotions, but in the end, you can sympathize with Jaqie's feelings. 

Chiquis is heartbroken over lies.

Last week, we were left thinking that an engagement was on the horizon for Chiquis. However, things take a turn for her this week. She goes over Jacqie’s house to catch her up on what’s been going on with her and her boyfriend, Angel. Turns out, he wasn't really planning on proposing. Instead, they’ve been fighting more often than not. She's career-focused, while he wants more attention. That's basically a recipe for disaster. Long story short, they, unfortunately, end up breaking up. Cue the tears.

Jacqie visits her Dad in Jail.

Finally, in one of the biggest moments of the episode, Jacqie goes to the jail to visit her father. It's the first time she's seen him in twenty years, so you can imagine the buildup of this whole meeting. We don't necessarily see the interaction, but after the visit she vividly describes how their meeting went down. It was naturally awkward and emotional, but she got what she wanted—an apology.  

That's it for this week's recap! Head this way for more info and catch exclusive content to hold you down till next week! The Riveras every Sunday at 10pm/9c on NBC Universo. 'Till next time, folks.