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Pink Explodes on Twitter After Reigniting Feud With Christina Aguilera

The rumored feud between Pink and Christina Aguilera since the release of 'Lady Marmalade".
La cantante Christina Aguilera y Pink comparten escenarios.
La cantante Christina Aguilera y Pink comparten escenarios.Getty Images

At the end of 2022, Christina Aguilera commented that a documentary of her life might be in the works. The documentary would reveal her most intimate secrets and let the viewers into her supposed tense relationship with Pink, who has recently taken to Twitter to hint at the rumored feud.

Both Pink and Christina Aguilera have worked hard in the music industry to become what they are now. But through their journey they have faced friction, causing distance between them.

The fued was rumored to start during their iconic 'Lady Marmalade' collab. Pink revealed in a recent interview with 'BuzzFeed UK', she ranked her 'Lady Marmalade' video as her last. This video featured many well known artists such as, Lil'Kim and Mya.

Pink continued to say “It wasn’t very fun to do. I love fun and it was like a lot of fuss, and there were some personalities...[Lil] Kim and Mýa were nice.” Following this interview, Christina Aguilera’s fans accused Pink of throwing shade to her co-star, to which she responded by saying:

Aguilera has not responded to her tweet but fans are eager to know what happened between the duo.