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Paulina Rubio Responds To Fans Who Criticize Her After She Said She Liked Donald Trump

Paulina Rubio raised some eyebrows after screaming she likes President Donald Trump while performing at a women's empowerment concert in LA.

Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio raised some eyebrows last Saturday after screaming she likes President Donald Trump while performing in Los Angeles during the “K-Love Live: Las Que Mandan” concert for women.

“Donald Trump, we like you, we like you Donald Trump” said Rubio at The Forum.

The video is generating a lot of controversy on social media and the singer has received negative comments from her fans.

Paulina Rubio Gives Donald Trump the "Middle Finger"

Here are some of the fan comments:

drina1977: “I’m embarrassed for her! Not only are her statements confusing but entirely ridiculous.”

lovelydee1983N: “We don't love her career. Her career just ended.”

Kjafha: “She just needs attention. Sorry girlie, Kanye already did that. It’s an old trick now.”

8652gonzas: “She needs to speak for herself, if she likes him oh well, but don't say WE cause I sure don't.”

Paulina Rubio Publicly Supports Hillary Clinton

jules_s01No: “She’ll be one of the first people to get deported and saying “WE like you”.... sounds like to many. @paulinarubio speak for yourself.”

After the backlash, Paulina Rubio shared on Monday a picture from the concert, saying: "Sometimes sarcasm doesn’t translate, and this was the case this time. The record shows that I’m not a fan of the president and my opinion on this matter has not changed."

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