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José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” Slams The Pope on Twitter

"El Puma" isn’t having it…

"El Puma" isn’t having it…

José Luis Rodríguez is against Nicolás Maduro’s government and believes the pope’s decision to remain silent is currently affecting the people of Venezuela. So much so, the 74-year-old singer took to Twitter this Sunday, and went as far as sending Pope Francis some pretty harsh tweets. 

Have a look for yourself below:

"What could you expect from Rome if they were quiet with the Jewish holocaust? How could we expect them to speak up about Venezuela and Cuba, Bergoglio Christ or demons?"

"All priests and Christian pastors in Venezuela are against the dictatorship. And you, Bergoglio, maximum authority, are quiet now, why?"

"The sanctions the US imposed on Venezuela: freezing accounts, banned entry to the country and more, those are the same sanctions they did with Cuba for almost 60 years and they laughed at that. They're laughing at that in Venezuela. We need action."

Rodríguez clearly isn’t backing down from his political beliefs.


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