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Jennifer Lopez Reveals That She and A-Rod Went To Couples Therapy

With a new haircut, JLo confesses that she went to couples therapy with Alex Rodriguez. Find out about the reasons for this decision.

In an intimate interview for ‘Allure’ global superstar, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she has been taking couples therapy, like many other celebrities.

Find out the reasons why they had to seek specialized help.

According to ‘La Diva del Bronx’, like millions of people, she has suffered the ravages of routine change imposed by COVID-19. Unlike Alex Rodriguez, she loves to walk around and is not used to being at home all day, doing Zoom sessions and other activities that he has perfectly assimilated.

JLo, who recently participated in Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, declared the following in the March issue of 'Allure': “We got to work on ourselves. We did therapy. I think it was really helpful for us in our relationship.”

It’s not the first time that JLo goes to therapy, she also did in her 30s. As the singer expressed, taking couples therapy was something that many did in 2020, in order to cope with confinement.

With a radiant appearance, in which her long hair has been left behind to give way to a pixie cut that feels like a fable, another issue that JLO addressed was postponing her twice wedding. The couple has even had to deny rumors of infidelity. But what happens is that they don't want to put their guests at risk.

This is how the singer detailed it: “It was a big deal, we had been planning for months and months and months…and it was overseas. Maybe that wasn’t the right time.”

While the time to walk down the aisle with A-Rod comes, the sexy 52-year-old artist prefers to focus on kicking back and relaxing, in traditional ways: “I do sit on the couch and eat potato chips! The thing is not to get too used to it, because it’s so easy and so fun.”

And maybe it was all the changes suffered during the last year that led JLO to undergo a radical makeover. Her new pixie cut, by her head stylist, Cris Appleton, slays!