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J Balvin Drops New Single and Music Video for “Mi Gente” and We Can’t Stop Dancing (VIDEO)

If the summer vibes haven’t hit you yet, J's got you covered.

if the summer vibes haven’t hit you yet, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

j balvin just dropped his new single “mi gente,” featuring french artist willy william today along with a super fun and colorful music video. aside from the single being incredibly catchy and fun to dance to, the video is also visually stimulating and full of colorful culture.

j balvin responds to his “prima” patricia via smule app: “they’re family"

it doesn’t end there.

the music video features several cameos from some of our fave social media celebs.

"mi gente' is a song that embodies a special moment in music, a new sound of a latino culture on the rise and being embraced globally. by erasing barriers of races, colors, continents, genres or languages, we can achieve the whole world moving their head to the same beat," balvin tells e! news. "we hope ‘mi gente' can provide that beat."

have a look for yourself below:

j balvin sings in english and camila cabello floats on a throne at the mtv movie & tv awards 2017

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