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The Internet Launches Campaign Against Maluma For Objectifying Women

On his single cover for "Mala Mia" he's surrounded by naked women and the internet replied with the hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma.

Maluma Baby is in hot waters.

The Colombian singer released two weeks ago the music video for his new single "Mala Mía", and since then the controversy has not stopped. 

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Fans on social media launched a hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma, which translates to "Better Off Alone Than With Maluma", due to the fact that they believe that he's objectifying women and being called a "machista."

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Even Carlos Vives' daughter, Lucy Vives, spoke up against Maluma on her Instagram Stories. "Girls really? Our generation still supports the "womanizer" type? We need education, please! Maluma, we love you, but please wake up! Our country is moving forward."

This isn't the first time that Maluma has been called out for objectifying women. Last year, there was a petition to have YouTube remove his lyrically explicit music video for "Cuatro Babys."