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This Is How the Internet Reacted to Jay-Z's New Album "4:44"

On his 13th solo album, Jay-Z apologizes to Beyoncé about his infidelity, talks about the elevator incident, Kanye West, "Moonlight" and more.

Jay-Z's thirteenth solo album "4:44" was released on Tidal at midnight on June 30th. On Twitter, it became a massive listening party as Hova fans gathered to pick out their favorite lyrics and themes from the album.

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Here are some of the best reactions:

Jay broke down the meaning behind each song.

Some people are calling it Jay-Z's response to Beyoncé's "Lemonade".

The lyrics have left us pretty SHOOKETH.

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The infamous Becky made a cameo.

Blue is basically what held their marriage together *wipes off tears* I CAN'T.

We were all thinking Solange beating him up at the elevator was too much but oh man it was true. HE. DID. CHEAT. ON .HER.

He also talks about Kanye West and how his behavior lately isn't right.

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The lyrics on "The Story of OJ" are deep.

What are your thoughts on 4:44?