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Gaby Fresquez Gives Nas Bolivar and Freddy Lomelí A Taste of Radar Telemundo Season 3 (WATCH)

Find out why Radar Telemundo is not your abuela’s typical news show and who will take part in season three.

This is not your abuela’s news show!

Latinx Now! hosts Alfredo Lomelí and Nastassja Bolivar sat down with Gaby Fresquez from Radar Telemundo, Telemundo’s first-ever English language news show to talk about some of the topics that will be included during season three; mental health, sex taboos, and more.

Radar Telemundo is geared towards the gen-z audience and talks about the importance of taboo topics within our culture and community.

“Any taboo topic you can think of in the Latinx community, we cover it,” said Fresquez.

Head over to the video at the top to see the full interview and find out more about Radar Telemundo season three.