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EXCLUSIVE: Celebrities Reflect on the Biggest Lessons of 2020- Pedro Capó, Mariah Angeliq & More

Wisin, Emilia, Lunay, Ovy on the Drums, Alaina Castillo, and more Latinx artists told us what were the lessons that this challenging year left in their lives.

A few days ago, celebrities like Wisin, Lunay, and Emilia Mernes shared with 'Latinx Now!' how they will celebrate the holidays this year that’s about to come to an end, and now, as part of the Celebrity Holiday & Year End Review that the Telemundo show prepared, these and other celebrities such as Lenny Tavárez, Pedro Capó, and Mariah Angelique reflected on the biggest lessons of 2020.

"You have to dedicate time to what really deserves time," says Wisin, who admitted that, with so much work he has forgotten sometimes go visit his mother or give his son a hug. "Now I understood that those [things] are much more important than the things I did before," added the Puerto Rican who has just turned 42.

For Emilia, this cycle also taught her about the importance of her inner circle. "Value what is truly important, take advantage of it and spend time with my family," said the 24-year-old Argentine singer. She also mentioned that the pandemic taught her to be aware of all her surroundings. "To take care of oneself and also to be responsible with others," she commented in the virtual interview.

"This 2020 taught me to look more for my family, be more connected with the family, not so much thinking about material things, not so much investing my time in things that I shouldn’t be," said Lunay, who also said that he understood that the best thing for him is to focus on his music and give his fans the best.

With his 40 years of life’s perspective, Puerto Rican singer Pedró Capó said the following about the year that is quickly coming to an end: "It taught me that I have to be patient, it taught me that I have many things to let go of, I believe that all of us one way or another, we have gone through an introspection processes (...), that the only way to reach it is with that pause".

"This year he taught me to live my day as if it were the last, not to leave what I want to do for tomorrow because everything can change, everything, everything, we are not in control of anything," said 33-year-old Puerto Rican Lenny Tavarez, and added, "yes, we learned it the hard way, to live more prepared."

Llane, Ovy on the Drums, PJ Sin Suela, Alaina Castillo, Dylan Fuentes, Alex Rose, and Chris Andrew also told 'Latinx Now!' what were the lessons that this challenging 2020 left in their lives.

Watch the video at the beginning of the article and listen to them speak directly from the heart.