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A duet we never knew we needed: Paulina Rubio and Selena Gomez to collaborate in new song

La Chica Dorada and pop music's golden girl are going to collaborate in a new song and we're so excited for it!

La Chica Dorada, Paulina Rubio, told Vanidades magazine, that she's working on music for her new album with Selena Gomez.

"My new album is liek another member of the team, or the family. It will be like a true warrior, has something from all genres, from band to pop, collaborations with DJ Snake and Selena Gomez. I tried to keep a key element: that the music is danceable".

Even though Selena's 2016 has been a little rough with rehab, staying away from public appearances, among other things, it seems like she's putting her best foot forward in the new year with new projects like her collab with Paulina.

Last time we saw Selena in public was at the American Music Awards, and her speech gave us all the feels.

We're so proud of Selena getting in touch with her Mexican roots with this collab, let's hope that she sings a bit in Spanish maybe?