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Bad Bunny Wanted To Get A Manicure in Spain and They Denied Him Service Because He's A Man

El Conejo Malo wants to get rid of toxic masculinity.

El Conejo Malo is currently in Spain touring, living up to the lyrics of his latest single "Estamos Bien."

Bad Bunny Reveals on Twitter That He's Pro-Pubic Hair, His Views on Safe Sex and More

In a now deleted post, Bad Bunny shared a picture of a salon in the town of Oviedo, Spain, that apparently denied him service to get a manicure just because he's a man.

Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin Give You Tropical Vibes in The Music Video for "I Like It"

Bad Bunny painting his nails isn't something new. If you take a look at his Instagram, the Latin Trap sensation has been sharing more pictures lately with his nails did.

We stan a singer that wants to break the vicious cycle of toxic masculinity.

We hope that other salons take note and let Benito Martinez Ocasio get his manicure. It's 2018, you guys.