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Ángela Aguilar Reveals Why Her Father Traveled to Cuba?

Ángela Aguilar revealed the emotional reason why she traveled to the island of Cuba with her father, Pepe Aguilar, and the rest of the family.
Angela Aguilar y Pepe Aguilar en un concierto.
Angela Aguilar y Pepe Aguilar en un concierto. Getty Images

Pepe Aguilar announced that he was in Cuba with his famous daughter, Ángela Aguilar, and the rest of his beloved family. People began speculating as to why he was there. But, it was his youngest daughter who spoke about it and released the truth.

Leaving aside the problems and scandals with which they began the year, since false erotic photos of Ángela Aguilar, 19, were leaked, the family chose to leave Mexico for a few days and headed for the emblematic island of Cuba.

Both the interpreter of ‘Por mujeres como tú’ and his daughter went to their respective Instagram accounts to share some postcards of this tour, the singer even published a video in which you see him enjoy a Cuban musical group with his family in what appears to be a restaurant.

Given this, in a radio interview with the Mexican announcer Mariano Osorio, she revealed why she went to Cuba, which has left the public stunned.

“We went to Cuba to record boleros for an album and concept that my dad came up with,” the young singer began to say. “[It’s about] bringing these boleros that are so traditional, so typical, and from a long time ago,” he added.

Thus, Ángela and Pepe Aguilar are working on the Bolero project, “with songs that Los Panchos, the Buena Vista Social Club, sang about different things of this type,” explained the interpreter of ‘Qué Agonía’.

“Now to modernize them, bring them to my voice, and make a project that not only teaches the beauty of the song but also the beauty of where the songs come from”, Ángela Aguilar finished explaining about this new project.

Pepe Aguilar pointed out that it is a spectacular and unique project since nobody had been interested in recovering the boleros in the voice of a woman. Everyone will be able to enjoy this through disc and in all musical platform as well as their musical videos.

Thus, the Aguilar family seeks to refresh the songs of years ago with the voice of Ángela Aguilar, who has become one of the greatest exponents of the regional Mexican genre after demonstrating for years that she inherited the talent of her father, as well as her grandparents, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre.