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Aleks Syntek Calls Reggaeton "Pornographic" and J Balvin, Arcangel and More Respond

Mexican singer Aleks Syntek starts yet another feud against the genre of Reggaeton.

Mexican singer Aleks Syntek is charging against Reggaeton once again.

Syntek was at the airport eating breakfast with his family when "Bonita" by Jowell & Randy featuring J Balvin came on. The singer posted a video with the caption: "Leave the pornographic music for the clubs, not during the day in public places. My kids will thank you."

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Reggaeton artists everywhere started to comment on Syntek's posts.

Arcangel had a series of posts about Syntek (which are now deleted) and even went on Instagram Live to express his thoughts about his remarks.

Arcangel: "He's a great artist. A great songwriter. I can respect his art. But you have to respect other's people's art too."

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Bad Bunny posted a video with a young fan performing with him on stage and said: "A good father isn't one that forbids their children from listening to today's music. A good father is the one who, regardless of the music their children listens to, they educate them so they grow up to be good people. Who has the heart to deny this kid this moment?."

J Balvin just posted on his IG Stories: "You need a hug brother", tagging Syntek's account.

Jowell: "Can't you see how jealous you look?"

Randy: "After all these years I've seen and felt in my own skin the rejection that has made us Reggaeton artists become who we are...and you want to know what happens with this? We have so much anger build up that we transformed it into work. Music for us was the only way for young talented people like us. We made it because of our music and our lyrics."

Just last year, Aleks Syntek said that "Reggaeton comes from apes", and then took to Twitter in February this year to say that Reggaeton was "music for criminals."

Do you think Aleks Syntek is right?