The Marc and JLo Show

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s international reality talent show “¡Q'Viva! The Chosen!”

Fox TV network has inked a deal to carry Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s international reality talent show “¡Q\'Viva! The Chosen!” for the 2012 season, according to Anthony who announced the partnership during a Television Critics Association press conference.

Lopez, Anthony, XIX Entertainment’s Simon Fuller (creator of “America Idol”), and choreographer Jamie King are executive producers of the new reality show, which features talent in Latin music, artistry and dance from the U.S. and Latin America. Dutch reality TV show producer Endemol (“Big Brother”/“Fear Factor”) signed on as a production partner with XIX Entertainment and will globally distribute “Q’Viva” across all platforms outside the U.S.

It is believed that Fox will start airing “Q’Viva” as two-hour weekly episodes in early March while the show will start on Jan. 28 on the Univision Network. The producers hope to build a global franchise around “Q’Viva” similar to Fuller’s successful “Idol” TV talent competition, which also is carried on the Fox TV network.

“People are going to be pleasantly surprised,” said Lopez during the upfront session hosted by Univision, the country’s biggest Spanish-language network.

Earlier in the week, producers of “Q’Viva” were in production in downtown L.A.’s Belasco Theatre where they were hosting more than 200 artists flown in for final auditions.

“I don’t know what Simon, Jamie, Jennifer, and Marc’s plans are in the future but ‘Q’Viva’ can go forever,” Barry Hennessey, co-executive producer of the show, told Billboard. “There’s thousands of acts we didn’t get to see, and we’re still getting submissions. With the casting bank we have, we can continue going for many seasons.”

The show, which will air in 21 countries, is being filmed in three languages -- English, Spanish and Portuguese. It will launch across major TV networks in North, Central and South America.

Earlier, it was announced leading U.S. Spanish-language TV network Univision will carry the show. Other deals include Televisa in Mexico and Caracol TV in Colombia. Televisa is the biggest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. The show will make its Spanish-language U.S. debut January 28th.

In the show, Lopez, Anthony, and King will be seen travelling through various countries in Latin America and personally picking singers, dancers, musicians and artists. Talent selected will be flown to Los Angeles for a chance to perform in front of the trio during a live two-hour finale. The journey of the contenders will be chronicled along the way.

Filming started in July, taking Lopez, Anthony, and King to remote villages and major cities. Countries included Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Uruguay, and the U.S. The performers are currently in the U.S.

Lopez, who is returning for a second season as a judge on “American Idol,” and her soon-to-be ex-husband Anthony are being featured together in the show despite having announced their split July 15, 2011. They continue to collaborate together on various joint business ventures, from “Q’Viva” to partnerships with Kohl’s Department Stores.

Hennessey said, “Jennifer and Marc have twins together, and they will be eternally connected. There is no animosity, no issues. They are human beings and they have their private lives, but it never affected their business dealings and their passion for the show.”

Hennessey, who was a producer on CBS\'s "Amazing Race" for 13 seasons, said met the former couple in March 2011. “Their passion has not changed for working together,” he added.

Recently, Kohl’s announced it signed on as an exclusive retail sponsor of “Q’Viva.” It joins official sponsor BlackBerry and American Airlines, the official airline of the show. As part of the Kohl’s sponsorship, the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony collections will be featured within “Q’Viva,” and worn by Lopez, Anthony and others during the series.

During Univision’s upfront on Saturday, several members of the Television Critics Association complained loudly and directly to Anthony and Lopez for not giving journalists more to ask questions. The host of the event, Univision TV host Lourdes Stephen, then directed the critics to begin asking questions.

The brief exchange between journalists and the panel then lead to a performance by some of the musicians and dancers who will featured on “Q’Viva.”

--Justino Aguila