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Lady Gaga Went on 'Fallon' to Make a Major Announcement, But it Didn't Quite Go as Planned

Lady Gaga called into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for what Fallon promised was a major announcement, but things didn't go as planned.
Jimmy Fallon and Lady Gaga on video call

Lady Gaga called into The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (April 1) for what host Jimmy Fallon promised was a major announcement, but things didn't go exactly as planned.

As soon as the FaceTime call connected, the pop star seemed confused, apologizing profusely that she couldn't reveal her news just yet. "I can't, Jimmy," Gaga said. "I can't talk right now. I'm really sorry. It's just, like, a really weird time right no. Hello? Jimmy? I can't see you? Am I on TV?"

Promising the big news was "for COVID-19," a flustered Gaga explained that she simply didn't have all her proverbial ducks in a row to make the announcement quite yet. "I can't, I can't, I can't tell you everything right now because I'm still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make," she said.

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The late-night host took the unexpected left turn in stride, only to be quickly interrupted by Mother Monster seemingly receiving a phone call from someone on her team. When Fallon asked if calling back in 10 minutes would be better for the star, Gaga hit him with a proposed date a bit further out. "Can you call me on, um, can you call me Friday?" she asked, leading the host to respond, "Can I call you on Friday? It's uh, yeah. It's Wednesday."

The scheduling conflict didn't stop there though. Just a few minutes later, Gaga called back, wearing a new pair of upside-down glasses and appearing even more distressed. "Hello, I'm sorry," she said before pushing the reveal back even further. "Can we just move our time? Yeah, can we do it Monday? I promise we'll do it Monday."

Whatever the superstar has in the works, it looks like Little Monster will be waiting at least through the weekend to find out what she has up her sleeve...

Watch Gaga's full exchange with Fallon below (starting at the 5:07 mark).