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Why Selena Matters 25 Years Later: Barrio Boyzz’s Fredy Correa & Angela Aguilar Talk Singer's Legacy

In Billboard’s El Factor Latino podcast, Barrio Boyzz's Fredy Correa and singer Angela Aguilar discuss the importance of Selena's legacy.

Twenty-five years have passed since Selena Quintanilla’s life was cut short at only 23 years old. It’s a nostalgic day for fans but also one that marks a celebration of the Queen of Tejano’s musical and cultural impact.

In this week’s Billboard’s El Factor Latino podcast, senior writer Griselda Flores and assistant editor Jessica Roiz co-host an episode with Fredy Correa, an original member of the Barrio Boyzz and touring member of Selena y Los Dinos and Latin Grammy-nominated singer Angela Aguilar, talking about the importance of Selena's legacy.

“Her personality was larger than life,” Correa, who collaborated with Selena in “Donde Quieras Que Estes” and also toured with her, tells Billboard. “She truly enjoyed being an entertainer and expressing her art to the people who appreciated and valued what she did.”

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When asked about why Selena’s music stood the test of time? Correa elaborates that Selena was part of a musical movement that represented young, aspiring, bilingual American Latinos who were fusing their collective American influences and cultural heritage in music.

“Selena’s tragedy, which led to her continued legacy, has pretty much allowed her to become the voice that resonates beyond limitation,” he says. “What she accomplished is becoming a universal awareness that has inspired not only Latinos but all cultures. That’s what makes Selena relevant 25 years later.”

Throughout the years, Selena has definitely inspired the new generation of artists, such as Angela Aguilar, who is 16 years old and was born eight years after Selena passed away.

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Earlier this year, the Mexican-American singer released a tribute EP to Selena, revamping seven of her favorite songs including "Dreaming of You," “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Como La Flor.”

“It’s music that has opened so many doors for young women like me and Mexican-Americans. I feel that the new generation needs to culturalize themselves a little bit more and listen to those things that did make a difference for us,” Aguilar says. “I feel like I am no one to be the beacon of her music of voice but I am a fan and as a fan and a musician I just want to continue her legacy in whichever way I can and I feel like this album was a way to do it and it was my humble nod of thank youness.”

This week’s podcast also includes a conversation with Latin charts senior manager Pamela Bustios, talking about Selena’s impact on the charts. Listen to it by clicking on the photo below.

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