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Rihanna Is Cordially Invited to Our Noche Buena Thanks to This Video (WATCH)

Find out what Rihanna does when she’s left home alone with Alexa.

What does Rihanna do when she’s left home alone with Alexa? Well, she blasts Spanish music and dances like nobody is watching.

The “Work” singer posted a series of videos on her Instagram stories dancing to a Spanish classic. If you don’t already know what song we’re talking about well…it’s “Suavemente” by Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo.

The video also shows Riri’s Christmas tree decorated with lights, blue, pink and gold ornamnets.

We never knew we needed a video of Rihanna dancing to “Suavemente” and yet here we are.

Rihanna, if you are reading this, you are cordially invited to our Noche Buena celebration on December 24th. We’ll have coquito, pernil etc…

 Happy holidays!