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Wait, what? South Carolina’s Head Coach Frank Martin is BFFs with Pitbull?

They don't call him Mr. Worldwide for nothing...

Despite his mean glares and intimidating demeanor, South Carolina’s head coach Frank Martin is a big music fan and apparently friends with Pitbull!

Don’t believe us? Check out the Final Four coach’s tweets:

In fact, here’s what junior forward Jarrell Holliman had to say about Coach Martin:

“He was one of his friends growing up,” he said. “That’s what he told me because I’m a music guy, and he knew that. So he was talking to me when I first got here. And he was like, ‘Yeah, I know you’re a music guy. Pitbull was one of my best friends growing up.’ I was just like, ‘Wow, that’s incredible.’ Because Pitbull is in like every song.”

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