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La Mujer en el Espejo/ The Woman in the Mirror

la mujer en el espejo, telenovela, amor, telemundo internacional

Tells the story of Juliana, an unattractive young lady who is magically transformed into a beautiful woman named Maritza, thanks to her loving aunt\'s magical mirror.

However, there is a catch; her beauty only lasts until dawn, and no one may see her in a mirror, because the reflection is always that of the homely Juliana.  During the day, Maritza is the talented professional whose intellect and good looks earns her a reputable position with a cosmetics firm, and the attention of Marcos, the son of the company\'s president, and the man she falls madly in love with. 

At night, Juliana is the kind and loving woman whose unattractive appearance is accepted by those closest to her.  It is within these two worlds that she must live, but what will happen if one crosses the other?.

Main Cast: Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista.

Duration: 151 x 1 Hr.
Year: 2004


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