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What are women looking for?  What do they expect from love, sex, their career, their friendships, their children, and their lives? 

In a world where nobody believes in fairy tales or prince charming, asking ourselves these questions is looking at a woman’s world with a new set of eyes.  A new perspective that can be as cheerful and amusing, as it is deep and critical.

With a modern perspective, wit, and a great deal of dark humor, Behind Every Woman aspires to tell the story of three generations of women with different ages, lifestyles, and sexual orientations, whose only common denominator is that they are part of a family made up of widows who decided to abandon the safety provided by a prince charming and face the challenges of modern life which can sometimes be amazing, crude, sexy, funny, caring, and even cruel…

Main Cast: Plutarco Haza, Ximena Rubio, Gaby de la Garza, Liz Gallardo, Eduardo Victoria, Maria del Carmen Farías    

Duration:120 x 1 hr
Produced by: Argos


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