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Corazon de María/ María's Heart

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Maria’s Heart is a love story, a plot that begins with a tragedy, but involves so much more in a series of acts where passion and misfortunes are the common denominator. 

The market will witness the love between Miguel and Elisa; Alonso’s dissolution; and the tension between Dalila and Mateo.  It will be the perfect scene for the stories to be told, for Wladimir, a merchant who can’t find love, and imports a girlfriend from Russia, for the jealousy of a male chauvinist; for the reencounter of a father and daughter, and for the sighs of Marcela, a young girl looking for love.  

Passion will go beyond the market, and into the Boa Disco, Lucia’s elegant restaurant, and Leonor’s  posh attorney’s office, where we will discover that passion has no age, no scruples or limits.

Produced by: TVN Chile
Main Cast: Nestor Cantillana, Francisco Lewin, Amparo Noguera, Francisco Reyes, Ricardo Fernandez, Paz Bascuñan, Delfina Guzman

Production Year: 2007