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Precious Rose, produced by Telemundo Studios, continues on its way across the European continent.

Precious Rose, produced by Telemundo Studios, continues on its way across the European continent. The telenovela debuts in Slovenia, on the country\'s leading channel Pop TV, Monday, June 24 at 3:50 pm.

This successful production has premiered in Eastern European countries including Lithuania and Estonia, after winning over audiences in Latin America, Canada and even Israel.

"Precious Rose is a classic and traditional telenovela, which we are sure will be perfect for the audiences of Slovenia. It is an adaptation of the novel “Perla Negra”, which has had great success in Central and Eastern Europe, and we are confident it will work equally well in this area," shares Melissa Pillow, Director of Sales for Europe for Telemundo Internacional.

The telenovela is an adaptation by Sandra Velasco of the original novel by Enrique Oscar Torres, and stars Mauricio Ochmann, who is well known for his spectacular performance in the world-renowned Telemundo Studios production The Clone, alongside Carla Hernandez and Lupita Ferrer.

It tells the story of Eva Sotomayor and Rosa Puentes, who become inseparable friends after meeting at the boarding school where they were abandoned. They grow as sisters, are always together and take care of each other, through thick and thin. When a young man cheats on Eva and leaves her behind with a child, Rosa promises to help raise the child and to never forget the deception of his father.

After a fatal accident, Rosa will assume the identity of Eva, in order to enter the nucleus of the Sotomayor family and to claim the property that belonged to her friend. However, destiny will have a hand in her plan when she meets the man she had sworn revenge against and falls in love. Rosa will be forced to decide between keeping her promise and giving way to true love. 


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