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Telemundo Internacional announces an agreement with Banijay Group for the distribution of entertainment formats

Miami, July 16, 2013 - Telemundo Internacional announces an agreement with Banijay Group for the distribution of entertainment formats. Under this agreement, Banijay acquires the French production rights to all reality and game-show formats created by Reset TV, the business enterprise of Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat, the creative masterminds behind globally successful formats.

The agreement, signed for three years, is renewable and allows Banijay to produce Reset TV formats for their distribution exclusively in the territories of France and French Overseas territories.

The agreement initially includes the formats: Letris, Crazy About Dance, The Perfect Double, With the One Falling, One Minute of Glory, Make me Laugh, Street Games, Doobie Doobie Dub, Junior Hits, Taxi! Taxi!, and Bravo Additionally, Banijay holds rights to exploit new formats developed by Reset TV during the period of duration of this agreement.

"This is a pioneer agreement that allows Telemundo Internacional to strengthen its relationship with an industry leader in France - a fascinating territory where formats have had great success for decades. Banijay has exclusive contracts with leading TV show hosts in the country and a solid history in the production of formats, so we are confident that success is assured. We have gathered only the best: Spain’s innovating and leading creative minds from Reset TV, with Banijay Group, the well-known European leader in successful game, reality and talent shows," states Xavier Aristimuño, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Telemundo Internacional.


Telemundo Internacional is a division of Telemundo Media dedicated to the sale and distribution of the network’s original content and of a programming catalog from different industry leaders in the international market. Part of the business philosophy of this division is to identify new development ideas to create original content and generate innovative businesses for the different television platforms.  

Telemundo Internacional is the second distributor of Spanish language content, with more than 200 slots of programming. Our content, which includes telenovelas, series, specials, variety and music shows, and fiction and entertainment formats, airs in more than 120 countries and is dubbed and subtitled into more than 40 languages, reaching a total of 56,000 air hours outside the United States and Puerto Rico.