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Calientes y sexy confesiones de tus artistas famosos en twitter... ¿Quieres conocerlas?

By:  Stefanie Montero


Calientes y sexy confesiones de tus artistas famosos en twitter... ¿Quieres conocerlas?


Famous people and mass-media need each other. At least, that’s what we used to think until some years ago, before the social network boom. Ok, even today it doesn’t hurt if you’re a superstar and every magazine, newspaper or TV show is trying to get an exclusive on you, but websites like Twitter and Facebook have changed the equation. Now, you don’t depend entirely on what the journalists or music editors want to say: If you need to set the record straight, you can do it by yourself, in a matter of seconds -- and thousands or millions of followers worldwide will know what you really said. And guess what? The media will also talk about it.
Several Latin Artists have taken great advantage of social networks. But what do they talk – or tweet – about? What do they want to share with their fans? Let’s have a look!


Alejandro Sanz, the most famous Español on Twitter with more than 5.500.000 followers, communicates to his fans in a warm way, like he’s talking to a brother or a very close friend. Besides writing in a funny mood about his recording sessions and his feelings about upcoming songs, he openly shares his passion for soccer (he’s a declared fan of Barcelona) and shows his support to people from countries he has visited on tour.

Hot Puerto Rican Ricky Martin is about to reach 6.000.000 followers. He sets the tone for his Twitter account: “Where words fail, music speaks”.  We got the message, Ricky. You want to be judged by your work as an artist, not by the gossip written about you on a daily basis (and that’s the way it should be, babe). Recently, Ricky’s gotten rave reviews for his role on Broadway in “Evita”, and some time ago he tweeted: “Mira quién nos visitó en “Evita”. El más grande de todos”. ¡Y sí que era el más grande! Argentinian legendary rock star Charly García paid Ricky a visit, and had a great time watching the musical. By the way, Ricky also tweets about soccer (who doesn’t these days?). But he roots for Real Madrid. No offense, Alejandro.

Jennifer Lopez has more than 6.000.000 followers (and counting). She obviously wants us to be aware of her daily routine. If JLo had a great rehearsal and feels happy about it, for sure she will let us know. She even says “good morning” or “good night” to her fans around the world every time she can. Of course, we also have access to her followers’ answers and reactions. As I write this column, JLo’s Twitter is about to explode with compliments on “Dance again”, her recent single featuring Pitbull (and you have to watch the video, people. It’s really sexy and breathtaking).

I’m pretty sure Selena Gómez will reach 12.000.000 followers soon. Just 20 years old, she is a social network tsunami who sings and dances her way around the world promoting her records and movies. She tweets a lot about music and fashion, and always keeps us posted on her agenda as one of UNICEF’S youngest ambassadors. She may be half of a power couple with Justin Bieber, but Selena is a superstar in her own right. No wonder she’s the third most searched artist on YouTube, after Britney Spears and Madonna.

Which takes us to the Latin Queen of social networking. Yep, we’re talking about Colombian artist Shakira, who holds a very impressive – and growing – record of more than 14.000.000 followers around the world. Shakira has a bit of all the artists we have mentioned before. Like Sanz, she has a strong social conscience, and she tweets a lot about her activities as head of “Pies Descalzos” Foundation. Like JLo, she doesn’t hold herself back if she wants to celebrate a great concert or rehearsal.  And, like Ricky Martin, she’s used to hanging out with some of the biggest names in the music business.

Social networking is not without its drawbacks, though.  Many artists have closed their accounts, frustrated at the difficulties controlling offensive comments. But one thing’s for sure: social media is here to stay.  And many of our Latin singers are making sure to use it to its fullest advantage.




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