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News from mun2: Crash and Yarel already play a crucial role in a new “secret” project

By Mia Ramírez


News from mun2: A new “secret” project involving Crash and Yarel?


They’re smart, they’re fun, and yes, they are part of your mundo, or, to be more accurate, your mun2.  Every weekend, viewers coast-to-coast are glued to their TVs to watch Crash Barrera and Yarel Ramos, popular hosts on “18 & over” and “Reventón”, respectively.

Although Crash and Yarel have both become symbols of the network, they’re hardly seen hosting together. This mainly because of their crazy agenda; whenever these non-stop ladies are not in the studio interviewing some of the biggest Latino bands, actors or celebs, they’re traveling across America promoting mun2 most successful shows. So when one of our sources gave us a hint about a so-called “secret project” involving both of them, we knew something REALLY big was about to happen. Of course, I instantly got curious, and you know me -- I don’t quit easily.

After dozens of phone calls, I finally got in touch with them. I spoke with Yarel and asked her about mun2’s new project and her involvement in it, and her reply was simply, “No les puedo contar nada todavía.  But just … wait and see”.  Obviously, that wasn’t enough.

Then I decided to wait for Crash outside mun2’s quite impressive studios. As soon as she saw me, she got a little nervous, but after a while she told me something that piqued my curiosity: “mun2 new project has a lot to do with you”. “With me?” I replied, confused. Then she nodded, smiling like the veritable Cheshire Cat who raised the bar on this already well-kept secret.

Obviously, Crash and Yarel had been instructed not to talk to me; but then again, I wasn’t going to quit. My grandmother always told me: “if you want to know the truth about something, go directly to the source”. And that’s what I did. l tracked down Telemundo, mun2, and NBCUniversal executives, and when I thought they were going to be as inscrutable as Crash and Yarel, one of them (a longtime friend who I used to work with) gave me a little insight into mun2’s new project -- as long as I promised never to reveal his name…

So far, this is what I’m authorized to tell you: It seems like a new multi-platform series for the Hispanic audience is about to see the light of day -- and even though it’s going to be shot in Miami, it involves talent from different networks, including Telemundo and Bravo, as well as creative staff from Spain and Colombia. Crash and Yarel already play a crucial role in this project. Do you want to know what it is? Then stay tuned to mun2 … this summer!


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