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Get your summer glow: Makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa reveals her secrets

Neutrogena's makeup expert, Elizabeth Ulloa reveals her beauty secrets for the summer in this exclusive interview for iVillage Mujer.

Neutrogena's makeup expert, Elizabeth Ulloa reveals her beauty secrets for the summer in this exclusive interview for iVillage Mujer.

1) What are some of the makeup tricks you use with your celeb clientele that women can practice in their homes?

#1 Double curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes - First curl the tip of your lashes ever so slightly, next get really close to the root of the lashes and press gently with your eyelash curler for about 10 seconds on each eye. I recommend using Neutrogena’s Healthy Lengths Mascara with lash lengthening formula.

#2 To add luminosity to your eyes apply a pale shimmer eyeshadow into the inner corner tear duct of the eyes.

#3 Add one part liquid foundation two parts moisturizer to make a sheer custom blend foundation with great coverage. ( my secret for a Red Carpet event) Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup is an excellent option with SPF. #4 For an even flawless foundation application soak your makeup sponge in water, squeeze water out and let sponge expand, begin applying your foundation.

2) What are the benefits of having a “summer glow” for this season? How do you accomplish this?

Having a " summer glow" is a sign of youth and good health. The key is to use cosmetics that offer skin care benefits and sun protection. For complexion use a lightweight shine control foundation that is long lasting. One of my favorites is Neutrogena's Shine Control Makeup. For eyes I like a cream shimmery eyeshadow because they are easy to apply and they brighten up the eyes beautifully. Keep your cheeks glowing with a combination of bright pink blush and bronzer. Apply onto the apples of the cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of the nose for a natural sun kissed look. ( My personal favorite ) on the lips I like a pop of color like oranges, soft reds, pinks to brighten up the face. My personal favorites are the Neutrogena's Moisture Smooth Color Sticks.

3) What are some of the mistakes that women do with the makeup all the time?

I think the most common is the over use of foundation and powder. Foundation is only to even out your skin tone not to cover blemishes. A concealer is used to cover any imperfection you might have such as acne scars, brown spots etc.. The second one is using the same foundation for all three seasons, you need to have at least two different shades of foundation, one for Fall one for Summer. Your skin tone changes with the seasons, especially in the Summer. The third, is the over use of makeup period! Try to keep your makeup to a minimal, makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty not erase it. You should first notice the woman, not her makeup.

4) Any funny or learning experiences you want to share with our readers?

I think in any profession professionalism is key and longevity. Treat everybody with respect and kindness and always be YOU.

5) Overall, what is your best advice so we can look fabulous all day?

The best advice to look fabulous all day is to be HAPPY, like Audrey Hepburn said " Happy Girls are the prettiest " and use cosmetics that have skin care benefits so your makeup can look fresh and last all day. Keep powder use to a minimal; only powder your T-ZONE area where you truly do shine and always wear sun protection to prevent skin problems later on in life.

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