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Quinceañera Checklist: Plan the perfect party for your princess

A young girl’s quinces are a huge event in Latin culture. It marks your little girl’s transition into adulthood.

A young girl’s quinces are a huge event in Latin culture. It marks your little girl’s transition into adulthood. Every Latin country has its own traditions for the fiesta. Follow this basic checklist to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

A year ahead

- The first thing that should be decided is the budget. Quinces can be quite expensive and it can get out of hand in the blink of an eye. Your budget should be realistic to your economic condition and the amount of guests you expect to have.

- Decide on a tentative guest list. Once you know about how many people you can expect, you can search for a location that can accommodate to that amount of people.

- If you can, try to rent the location a year in advance. You can then pick the date of your choice and the location of your dreams.

- If possible, hire an event planner for the quinces. That person will be able to coordinate and take care of all the arrangements on the actual day and you can focus on your daughter instead of running around checking on the caterer.

At least 6 months before

- Decide on the theme and colors of the quinces if you haven’t already.

- If you decide to have a quinces court, you and your daughter should pick out the couples and confirm with them.

- Dress shopping! Avoid stressing at the last minute and pick out your daughter’s dress and your outfit. If possible pick out some choices for the court as well. Make sure your daughter has another outfit to change into (it can be a smaller dress) for the reception.

At least 3 months before

- Order your damas dresses and the tuxedos for the men.

- Make or buy the decorations and party favors for the party.

- The music for the court’s choreography should be picked out and rehearsals should start. Your daughter and you should also pick out the song for the father- daughter dance.

- Buy all the necessary accessories and the tiara. Schedule any dress alternations if necessary.

- Mail out the invitations to the guests.

One month before

- Book two hairstyling and make up appointments for your daughter. One should be the practice appointment to pick the style she would like with her tiara and the final appointment on the day of.

- If the damas of the court haven’t had their dress fitting, this is the time to do it.

- Make sure you have all the necessary arrangements and double check with your vendors for example: DJ, videographer, photographer, caterer, and florist.

- Your daughter should take her quinces pictures during this time so that they can be ready for the party.

The week of the Quinceañera

- Confirm to make sure everyone in your court has their outfits.

- Get a manicure and a pedicure with your daughter a few days before.

- Your daughter should practice walking in her shoes so that her feet don’t hurt during the big day.

The Quinceañera

- Your daughter should wake up and have a good breakfast before getting her hair and makeup done.

- If you need to decorate the site and couldn’t hire a coordinator, this is the time to do it.

- Enjoy the party!

Are you planning a quinceañera? Do you have any tips? Share them now!