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Will phone apps replace the cookbooks?

Long gone are the days when you would look at cookbooks for lunch ideas. The future of cookbooks has been under evaluation since the launch of internet recipes.

Long gone are the days where you would look at abuelita’s cookbooks for dinner ideas. In fact, the future of cookbooks has been under evaluation since the launch of the first internet recipe site. And with the variety of kitchen and cooking applications (apps) for smartphones and tablets, the traditional cookbook seems to be in danger.

Hispanics own and use more personal electronics than their non-Hispanic counterparts. In 2011, 18% of Hispanics owned an iPad or tablet PC whereas only 8% of non-Hispanics owned these gadgets. Many cooks have discovered that the larger screens and ability to view videos on iPads and tablets make the devices great tools in the kitchen.

These new cooking apps can do things regular cookbooks can’t. Tablets have timers, video demonstrations, glossaries, and links to web pages with more information. Most of these apps let you customize the interaction and choose the format in which you receive the information or the recipe.

Apps are even being used in culinary schools! The app, The Professional Chef, is the electronic version of the book used by students at the Culinary Institute of America. In addition to the basic recipes, the app has educational videos about different techniques performed by culinary professionals and a virtual notepad for students to share their comments with their peers and teachers.

But will these applications replace the cookbooks or recipe cards that our family has passed down to us? Leave us your comment!