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Gloria Estefan actuará junto a Lady Gaga en los Grammy

La artista cubana confirma que subirá al escenario con Lady Gaga y Pink para ofrecer un homenaje a la cantautora Carole King

La artista cubana confirma que subirá al escenario con Lady Gaga y Pink para ofrecer un homenaje a la cantautora Carole King

La reina del pop latino será una de las invitadas más destacadas en la ceremonia de premios del mundo de la música, ya que además de confirmar recientemente que presentará uno de los galardones más importantes en la gala de los Grammy -que se celebra este domingo en el Staples Center de Los Ángeles- ahora ha revelado que protagonizará una actuación estelar junto a nombres tan conocidos como el de Lady Gaga, Pink y Alicia Keys.

La presencia de Gloria Estefan en el escenario de la 56ª edición de los premios Grammy se explica, además de por su nominación en la categoría de mejor álbum pop vocal tradicional, por el homenaje que la industria discográfica brindará a la veterana vocalista Carole King, una de las artistas que siempre se ha erigido como un claro referente en la música de la artista cubana. Los detalles sobre tan inusual número musical permanecen sumidos en un profundo secretismo, algo que no ha evitado que la diva latina haya querido compartir la noticia con sus seguidores.

"Actuaré junto a Lady Gaga, Pink, Alicia Keys y muchos más en la gala de los Grammy para homenajear a la persona del año, Carole King", publicó la estrella de la música en su perfil de Twitter.

Además de contar con la asistencia de Gloria Estefan, los Grammy recibirán también a otros representantes de la escena latina, como Marc Anthony y Juanes, quienes optarán a sendas estatuillas, además de actuar de presentadores.

La ceremonia de entrega de los famosos gramófonos dorados congregará este domingo a un amplio abanico de estrellas pertenecientes a todo tipo de generaciones. Confirmada la asistencia de nominados como Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Lorde y Justin Timberlake, en los últimos días se han ido uniendo ilustres nombres a la lista de invitados, como los de Madonna, Beyoncé, la mencionada Lady Gaga o Stevie Wonder. Asimismo, los ex Beatles Paul McCartney y Ringo Starr podrían protagonizar una de las grandes sorpresas de la noche tras recibir el premio a toda su trayectoria, ya que se especula con la posibilidad de que vayan a protagonizar la que sería su primera actuación juntos en años.


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Join us as bestselling author Paulo Coelho answers questions from fans about writing, life, and his new paperback, Manuscript Found in Accra.

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If Brida was based on a real life experience, have you placed some part of yourself in Magus? - 2:46 pm

Jessica Lark

"this is my truth" Profound in 4 words <3 - 2:46 pm


??? - 2:46 pm


I Loved that book ! - 2:47 pm

Cheese Roca

Hello mr. coelho! I just want to say your books have inspired me to continue pursuing my dreams, to continue loving, despite falling. Thank you for being a blessing to all the people you've touched with your novels! - 2:47 pm

Maisa Torres

Marian tiene una linda sonrisa - 2:47 pm

Micha Bourdenet

I loved this book 5th mountain - 2:47 pm

Marie Charisma

LOL - 2:47 pm

Herman Van der Velden

Will you agree somebody to do a movie on your book The Pilgriimage? - 2:47 pm

Carla Golian

Hello Mr. Coelho, are you still going to produce 11 Minutes film? - 2:47 pm

Atakan Nazaroğlu

Is there is a mission that we need to fulfull in our lives? Is there a particular profession which is designed for every one of us ? - 2:47 pm

Heimo A. Kruschinski

Experience is the best teacher. The question is what you learn from the good ones. It seems some just nonsense. - 2:47 pm

Mari Ann Ree

I must be sort of a soulmate. I'm struggling with the Devil right now. :) Miss Prym. - 2:47 pm

Javier Villatoro

I;m surprised, those are 2 of ma favorites. - 2:47 pm


hi paulo - 2:47 pm

Mary Rose Florido

i love 11 minutes - 2:47 pm


any plan to write a new novel? - 2:47 pm

Rachid Essgrati

Mr Paulo What accomplishment are you most proud of? - 2:47 pm

Monalisa Catarina

BRASIL =) and yours? - 2:47 pm

Maisa Torres

jjjj - 2:48 pm

Nadine El-hadad

I need UR help in marriage - 2:48 pm


What is the most effective way of coping with anxiety? - 2:48 pm

Jose Trevino

Sir Paulo, Mr. De Los Santos a friend of you from Monterrey, Mexico says Hello! - 2:48 pm

Karla Karlita

what a sweet beautiful girl <3 - 2:48 pm

Dallan Chantal

Paulo é muito bom - 2:48 pm

Nadine El-hadad

or rather advice pleaseeeee - 2:48 pm


my good friend is celebrating today his birthday... :))) would you please send him some good wishes...??? - 2:48 pm

Claudio Fabián Piedra Sandes

Hi, Paulo. It's a pleasure to communicate with you! I've read most of your books and they have been a great inspiration for me. I have chosen to be a singer and it's a difficult career, what advice could you give me to achieve my personal legend? - 2:48 pm

Kasia Czaja

I can't add a question - 2:48 pm

Vintage Books & Anchor Books

Sorry, everyone-- due to the volume of question requests, we've temporarily disabled the submission buttons. We'll start accepting questions again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding! - 2:48 pm

595 LiveRSVPs  Paulo Coelho  Sinem Çakır  Greg Wacks  Jaclyn L  Vintage Books & Anchor Books  Kyle Fox  Natalie Feleus  Maria Azzopardi  Elsa Alan Smet  Marie-Christine Grimard  Devy Man  Petra HY  Annie  Valeria Morelli  Tim Sunderland  Paula Quintão  Grant Lindsay  Kat Cho  Tino Repaso  Khema Ramful  Yodit Alemu  Jane Stewart  Juana Sergio  Marit Runyon  Ghibek Pelaez  Sayantani Mitra  Natalie Lamb  Regina Ribeiro  Myriam Gemayel  Bart Volgers  Lyndsey Rowe Green Davies  Maya Abdelkader Ittig  Emna Taamala  Shokouh  Juan Jiménez  Behira  ivonako  Nadia Bandura  Isabel Sandes  Michael vom Stein See all Screen queue (19) Show More Fernando Machado Mr.Coelho, how different can a book become after it is translated? Sayantani Mitra Dear Paulo, Do you believe in the power of manifestation? What is the deeper meaning behind the quote "When you really want something, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it". How does it work exactly? Mabel Marinas Who is your favorite author in romance genre? favorite romance novel? Lyndsey Rowe Green Davies Dear Mr Coelho, Thankyou for your books and daily wisdoms. Can I ask for some more wisdom, my son has brain cancer and we are told it will kill him, do you have any wise words to help us deal with it. Much Love x x x rhstheatre how did you and RHSTheatre meet? Alaa Khaled How can paulo when he talked about friendship , that you only have to be close to the people which stand beside you in happy times only??! Mabel Marinas I love your books and learned a lot about love and life from them. Where do you get the inspiration to write them? marwa ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Hello Mr. Coelho I read almost all your books , i loved and i will always read your books ..My questions for you is how you deal with tough times in your life? and when does your new book come out? Thank you for your time :) Suman Pani what is the first step to writing anything? Sayena Mostoufi My questions is: How can I maintain a positive mind and attitude, how can I believe in myself when times go tough? Corinne Bossu in "Aleph" you mentioned an amazing Medium in London. could you give me his details please? thank you Alessandra Orsolato When you wrote your first book what did you convince agent book to read it? Did you have a reference or other by a famous writer? Thank you for your answer Leandro Rafael Pérez I am in the way to where the light comes from all places. i see no things darkness is all. is dark is dirty. i can't see my own hands shadows is all and iam one with the shadows. i walk knowing no walls will stop me. i reach and touch nothing i feel air is now smog. i hear the sound is no sounding echoes of my thoughts fading into emptiness. i sit a rotten fragance surprises me mixed smell of dust and sweat of ash and blood of used clothes and shoes fixed on me like a second skin. My staring eyes now wide open are watching, all good things are burning in this light. i pray in the way to where the light comes from all places. Khema Ramful I want to thank you for the special place you give to woman in your books, for honoring them. I would like to ask you what is your favorite author and which one of your books is the most dear to your heart? (though I believe each one hold a great place in your life and is of equal importance). I love every book of yours. Love you dearly Paulo. All over from Mauritius. Karen McCarthy Paulo, I admire you so much and your books inspire me to change my life. But how do you know whether the thing that is preventing you from following your path is an excuse or an unavoidable obligation? When is it too late to take the first step on your destined path? At 32 and trapped deep in family obligation, it feels too late to reach my goals. I hope one day to have the honor of meeting you. Karen Kasia Czaja Cuando estara disponible en Polonia el libro Manuscrito encontrado en Accra? BJ Ladd First and foremost I have to say that I love your work, you are so inspiring. What advice can you give to new authors who are trying to get their work published? Tricia Belmares When writing, how strict are you with your work schedule? Does your inspiration follow your schedule or does it need conjuring? Wi Kal While you write a book, how do you have things coming your way that inspires you to write this beautiful and poetic ? Comments   Tags Paulo Coelho,Manuscript Found in Accra About Spreecast

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