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Marilyn Ramos, Miss South Africa 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Marilyn Ramos, Miss South Africa 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Hometown: Klerksdorp

Height: 5\' 9"

Age: 22


Marilyn Ramos is currently studying landscape design and architecture at Inscape Design College in Pretoria, South Africa, and dreams of opening her own fitness and wellness center. Although she considers herself a “girlie-girl,” she has a love for the outdoors, hockey, swimming and horseback riding. In the last year, Marilyn has spent much of her time doing charity work to help improve the lives of children in her community and hopes to help spread the message of healthy living.

In her own words: "I seek God’s purpose in everything I do. It influences my outlook and dreams, and gives me personal strength"

Fun facts:

1.Marilyn once bungee jumped from Bloukrans Bridge in West Cape, South Africa, the highest bridge in the world.

2.Marilyn has drank over 400 Red Bulls during this year alone, and has collected each bottle cap.

3.Marilyn works closely with the Elandela Rhino Survivor Trust to prevent rhinoceros poaching, a cause close to her heart.

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