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Jin Ye, Miss China 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Jin Ye, Miss China 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Hometown: Beijing

Age: 25

Jin Ye grew up in the small village of Hebei Province, China with her brother and grandmother. She has a love for painting, traveling and modeling, and knew she wanted to enter the fashion and beauty industry since she was 10 years old. Ye aspires to one day become a fashion icon with her unique and fearless style.

In her own words: "My hometown is a humble place that keeps me grounded as my life changes"

Fun facts:

1.Jin is known in her hometown as the "Chinese Angelina Jolie" because of her wide lips.

2.During a modeling photoshoot, Jin once jumped in a fountain wearing only a swimsuit and helmet.

3.The American Model Carmen Dell\'Orefice inspired Jin to pursue a career in fashion at a young age.

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