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Roxana Andrei, Miss Romania 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Romania 2013

COUNTRY: Romania

Name: Roxana Andrei

Age: 26

HT: 5’10’’

Language: English, Italian, Romanian

Bio: Roxana Andrei is currently a professional model and media student at Tudor Vornicu Television School. Roxana enjoys: playing guitar, watching soccer, dancing and traveling. Her dream is to become a television host for a show involving people with special needs.

Quote: “It’s important to remember that the material aspects of life are not as important as the spiritual ones.”

Fun Facts:

1. The lights were once turned off while Roxana was walking the catwalk in sunglasses. She continued walking the runway, only guided by camera flashes!

2. A few days before the Miss Universe Romania final, Roxana fell face down in the mud when trying to get off a bus. She says, “I will watch my steps carefully in Moscow!”

3. Roxana’s favorite place in the world is Jerusalem, citing it as the place she became in touch with her spiritual side.

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