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Lotta Hintsa, Miss Finland 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know the candidate for the country Finland, Lotta Hintsa

COUNTRY: Finland  

Name: Lotta Hintsa

Age: 25

Height: 5’7’’

Language: English, Finnish, Swedish

Bio: Lotta Hintsa’s hobbies and interests include fashion, pilates, yoga, boxing, cheerleading and playing the flute. Prior to attending the Jyvaskyla School of Business and Economics in Finland, she had the opportunity to travel the world because of her father’s occupation as a Formula 1 race car driver. Extremely active and energetic, whenever Lotta attends a Formula 1 race, she likes to spend her time in the garage helping the mechanics prepare cars for racing.

Quote: “Even though I have seen much of the world, I still find peace and happiness whenever I’m in the middle of the Finnish nature; here, I know I am blessed.”

Fun Facts

1. Lotta once ran a marathon on a five-minute’s notice.

2. Lotta has played the flute for 12 years.

3. Lotta has worked on Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1-car, a British race car driver currently competing on the Mercedes AMG team.

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