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Jennifer Ondo, Miss Gabon 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know the candidate from the country Gabon, Jennifer Ondo


Name: Jennifer Ondo

Age: 20

HT: 5’9”

Language: French

Bio: Jennifer Gabon grew up on a farm in Bidougui Village with her grandmother, where she learned how to raise crips, catch fish, dance and sing. She has a passion for philanthropy, and is most interested in advocating for women and providing aid to the homeless. Jennifer currently studies at Santa Monica College and serves as the National Representative for the Miss Universe Gabon National Committee.

Quote: “My role model is Madame Malika Bongo, the president of the Miss Universe Gabon National Committee, because she helped me realize my dreams and taught me the value of giving back to my community.”

Fun Facts:

1. If Jennifer could meet any famous person, it would be the United States President Barack Obama.

2. Jennifer’s dream job is to be president of the Constitutional Court.

3. Jennifer’s favorite native dish is Feuilles de Manioc, a cassava leaf prepared with peanut butter and served with smoked fish.

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