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Hinarani de Longeaux, Miss France 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know the candidate for the country France, Hinarani de Longeaux


Name: Hinarani de Longeaux  

Age: 23

HT: 5’1”

Language: French, English

Bio: Hinarani began her modeling career when she was 17 years old and currently works for the SOS Village Enfant, an organization that seeks to provide a secure home for orphaned or abandoned children around the world. She grew up in French Polynesia and has a passion for music, sports and traveling.

Quote: “My family has always supported me no matter what I do and pushes me to follow my dreams.”

Fun Facts:

1. If Hinarani could meet any famous person, it would be Nelson Mandela.

2. When Hinarani was snorkeling with friends in the French Polynesian Islands, she was suddenly surrounded by sharks. Luckily, they swam away soon after.  

3. Hinarani’s favorite beauty tip is wrapping her hair in a Monio oil mask twice a week.

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