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Chalita Yaemwannang, Miss Thailand 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Thailand 2013

COUNTRY: Thailand

Name: Chalita Yaemwannang

Age: 25

HT: 5’9’’

Language: Thai


Bio: Chalita Yaemwannang was born and raised in Bangkok until she was nine. She has a master’s degree in tour management and marketing. Aside from traveling, Chalita’s other passions include: drawing, cooking and creating artistic nail designs. Chalita is skilled in various musical instruments such as: electone, violin, folk guitar, classic guitar and the kim.


Quote: “My master’s degree thesis was about sex tourism, which Thailand has an infamous image about. I hope to promote a better image for Thai women and my country.”  


Fun Facts:

1.Chalita loves to collect refrigerator magnets.

2. Chalita once worked as a toilet cleaner.

3. Chalita applied to a Ph.D course in Thailand and had a proposal interview the same day she had to take part in a pageant bootcamp. Even though she didn’t go to the interview she knew she made the right decision when she won the crown!

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