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Carolina Brid, Miss Panama 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Panama 2013


Name: Carolina Brid

Age: 23

HT: 5’11’’

Language: English, Italian, Spanish


Bio: Carolina Brid is currently a studying Mass Media at USMA.  She was born and raised in Panama City where Carolina admits she was bullied growing up. She has used this experience to speak out about her experience and inspire others. Carolina is trained in Taekwondo and belonged to the national basketball team.

Quote: “Racism is the biggest problem facing the world right now. We need to accept other’s beliefs and become more tolerant. ”



1. Carolina once stuffed her bra during physical education class and was mortified when she was running and it fell out! She still gets teased about it to this day.

2. Carolina says one of her best beauty tips is swallowing a garlic clove whole every morning before breakfast!

3. One of Carolina’s classmates who bullied her in school is now her boyfriend.  

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